by Emanuel di Pasquale

88 Pages, 5½ x 8½

Library of Congress Control Number:  2014934951

ISBN:  978-1-935520-88-7

Publication Date:  04/07/2014

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Cover Art:  Prima della notte, 2005, acrylic on canvas, 45 x 45 cm
by Franco Cilia  |


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Emanuel di Pasquale's Self-portrait offers a collection of small but powerful poems that present a world where the poet, the poem and thus the reader wrestle with the human connection with nature—our forming mother. These poems explore inner passions and how such passions help us understand the nature of nature, the nature of things, and ultimately the nature of ourselves.


I find di Pasquale an astonishing and delightful poet, a visionary miraculously set in New Jersey, and a true original.


At once innocent and sophisticated, urban and pastoral, Emanuel di Pasquale creates poetry that is timeless and direct.

—Dana Gioia

Emanuel di Pasquale's poems should be read by every American. He excels at the short lyric, writes directly, and feels deeply. The reader is enriched by both his Sicilian and American realizations in his life-enhancing lines.

—Richard Eberhart

di Pasquale writes out of strong experience, and by insisting on accuracy, he comes out both simple and surprising. He's never decorative: there is always something human happening, and his words are close to it.

—Richard Wilbur