by Mather Schneider

156 Pages, 6 x 9

Library of Congress Control Number:  2017941261

ISBN:  978-1-63045-041-0

Publication Date:  07/17/2017

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Prickly is a medley of nonacademic, unprofessional poems written by a cantankerous, often drunken cab driver. They range from prose-like narratives to more lyrical poems. The subjects are loosely based on Schneider's cab fares who are often mentally deranged or physically ill and also from his personal life, the domestic life of a below-blue-collar gringo and a Mexican immigrant. There is sex, humor, rants on artists and writers, and the thorny beauty of the American Southwest.


Mather Schneider doesn't write "rhymers"I thought. Songs abound here in free verse form. Sketches. Essays. Raymond Carveresque vignettes. And more. Stand-up comedy deadpanned from the driver's seat of a panic button-equipped Tucson cab.

—Mike Daily, author of Gagaku Meat: The Steve Richmond Story