new and selected poems

by ellen 'windy' lytle

172 Pages, 5˝ x 8˝

Library of Congress Control Number:  2013932937

ISBN:  978-1-935520-63-4

Publication Date:  11/15/2013

Press Release

Cover Art:  watercolor, palm beach, florida, 1993
by ellen 'windy' lytle


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these poems are uniquely about everyday life: getting up in the morning, sitting in the kitchen with pets, buying buttons and meeting a salesman, politics, polio, christmas, about time lost, love and beautiful children. the author, growing up in family with polio, living through 2 divorces and the sudden death of a husband, weaves us a story of a single mom brought 'home' through curiosity and the observation of the quirkiness of life anywhere around her: in queens, long island, switzerland, vermont and new york city—that same quirkiness we all share. these poems will resonate with us all.


tough, complicated subjects without pretense or pose. gentle, tender, her's is not a complicated formula but it is almost impossibly difficult to maintain. i have been reading ellen lytle for years and have come to expect from her poems a kind of nourishment. she is pushing toward something, heart-breaking, something that can nourish our haunted and wretched lives.

—ron price

mysterious in origin and sturdy, too, the poems of ellen aug lytle appear like undaunted flowers poking through cracks in the sidewalk. the surreal converses with the mundane in each. never forced, never miserly, the poems offer her wisdom casually and then gracefully exit the page. a reader is left with the impression of a friendly, familiar visit and it is just this carefree give and take that is her sensibility—her intrinsic subtlety.

—susan scutti

ok, new yorkers, ok, world! finally, and at last! ellen lytle has unleashed the full dynamo of her decades in the poetry salt mines. I could never have thought of death is the soggy toast, nor could you. But she did. Now you can read her, and eat death, if you dare!

—bob holman

ellen aug lytle's poems give a very different meaning to frank o'hara's phrase: personal poetry—but definitely valid in her own original way.

—tom savage, author of brainlifts

lytle's poems are a poignant portrait of contemporary american life with all its joy and heartbreak.

—susan sherman; author, The Light That Puts an End to Dreams