The Guilty Ones

by Joanna Crispi

348 Pages, 5½ x 8½

Library of Congress Control Number:  2012932119

ISBN:  978-1-935520-50-4

Publication Date:  08/07/2012

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Cover Art:  Cover image used courtesy of the Hotel Hassler Roma
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Set in Rome at summer's end, The Guilty Ones tells the story of three individuals: Juliet, who abandoned her career as a criminal defense attorney for life with François, a wealthy Parisian banker, and Mike Chase, a New York prosecutor whose career is about to take off with a high-profile international case. All three are skilled at manipulating the world around them until they find themselves in a situation they cannot control. Then, only the truth suffices. "We've all cheated a little," Juliet tells Mike. An anguished triangle of intimacy emerges as they become trapped by events that reach across continents with implications of terrorism and murder. Uncertain for the future and their own emotions, each holds a card to play in this game where the stakes are love and hate, life and death.


A nuanced portrait of Americans abroad, The Guilty Ones unfolds into a devastating psychological thriller. Suspenseful and hypnotic, this is gripping literary fiction that maintains restraint on the surface, revealing secrets and shock below. Joanna Crispi has written her most remarkable novel yet.

—Luanne Rice, New York Times best-selling author of The Silver Boat