by Adam Hughes

128 Pages, 5Ĺ x 8Ĺ

Library of Congress Control Number:  2010938557

ISBN:  978-1-935520-35-1

Publication Date:  12/01/2010

Press Release

Cover Art:  Trees in Fog, VA
by ©1996 Mel Curtis  |


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In his debut collection, Adam Hughes announces himself as a bold new voice in contemporary poetry. Whether discussing family, God, or simply the search for something just over the horizon, the poems in this collection are sure to stir the mind as well as the heart. From the scent of departed rain to the first moments of fatherhood, Hughes gives new words to the mundane and miraculous.


Adam Hughes' poetry is ambitious, intricate, and highly skilled. Yet it is also available, mystical, and passionate-writing for both the mind and the heart. A rare talent.

—Scott Minar
Author of The Palace of Reasons

In Petrichor, Adam takes us on a shimmering voyage amid what we know and all that we donít, somewhere beyond yet, seemingly familiar. With a skilled hand, we trust the speaker's course as he navigates our way and guides us through the ordinary into the unexpected; "Ours is a home made of rain" (Banzakarian Hymns) where "the vultures are circling. And we hope." Adam provides a powerful vessel for our journey as we travel through his world, amplified with beautiful language and keen insight, we explore all facets of life. A remarkable book that investigates the mysteries of creation from the fantastical to the everyday. It is impossible to read these poems without feeling forever altered. They are brimming with a mystical and spiritual grace that will raise you up one page at a time, until the end, where you will surely be "belfry-far."

—Carol Lynn Grellas
Author of The Epistemology of an Odd Girl

Adam believes in every silly thing he says, and he lets you believe in it, too, and it's a beautiful world you make together.

—Don Zirilli
Editor of Now Culture

Adam Hughes, a poet in every sense of the word, gives us language we've not read before. Fresh experience, words dancing together that have not danced together before.

—Jennifer Bosveld
Publisher/Editor of Pudding House Publications

Adam combines a rare mix of lyric sensibility with cultural invention which results in the creation of a world that, though familiar, is pleasantly unrecognizable, a pairing that deserves to be experienced by any thoughtful reader of poetry.

—Greg Grummer
Author of Long After the Fall of Communism