beach tracks

by rd coleman

208 Pages, 5 x 8

Library of Congress Control Number:  2010907950

ISBN:  978-1-935520-27-6

Publication Date:  08/21/2010

Press Release

Cover Art:  beach tracks
by rd coleman


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beach tracks suggests a passing, a journey, and this book is very much that. The very first poem, "American," was written and published in the early sixties. This book chronicles that next forty plus years of writing and publishing that is rd's writing career to date. With varied styles but consistent voice, these poems take place in the subways and buses of the City, some in the City's homeless shelters, some in rd's apartment, and some in his mind; some are literal, some pure imagination, but all are the music a poet hears.


Dipping into it immediately, I could see that you have an original voice...

—D. H. Melham

[rd coleman's] poetry is hard hitting and idiosyncratic and has that bright edge contained in the minimum of words that our American friends are so good at expressing while maintaining a poetic vision.

—Martin Holroyd