Dennis J. Bernstein

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Dennis J. Bernstein

Dennis J. Bernstein lives in San Francisco and has been a long-time front line reporter specializing in Human Rights. His articles have appeared widely including in the Boston Globe, New York Times, The Progressive, and the Nation. Bernstein was chosen by Pulse Media as one of "20 Top Global Media Figures of 2009." Bernstein's artist books, co-authored with Warren Lehrer, are in the Special Books Collections of the Museum of Modern art in New York City and other major museums around the world. Bernstein's poetry has appeared in the New York Quarterly, Chimaera, Bat City Review, The Progressive, Texas Observer, ZYZZYVA, etc. Special Ed is Bernstein's first full collection of poetry.

by Dennis J. Bernstein

Special Ed Special Ed
ISBN:  978-1-935520-47-4
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